Fluory BJJ Gi Kids Monkey Pink




Introducing the FLUORY BJJ GI KIDS MONKEY PINK, a high-quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi designed specifically for kids who love to train and compete.

Crafted with utmost attention to detail, this BJJ gi features a playful monkey design in a vibrant pink color that will surely make your little one stand out on the mat. The design not only adds a fun element but also fosters a positive mindset and confidence, which are crucial in any martial arts class.

Made from a durable yet lightweight fabric blend, the FLUORY BJJ GI KIDS MONKEY PINK provides all the comfort and flexibility required for young BJJ practitioners. It allows for a full range of motion and allows your child to perform their techniques with ease, whether it’s rolling, grappling, or perfecting their submissions.

With reinforced stitching in key areas, this gi is built to withstand the demands of rigorous training sessions. It will keep up with the toughest grappling matches, ensuring longevity and durability over time, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.

Designed with the needs of young athletes in mind, the FLUORY BJJ GI KIDS MONKEY PINK features a tailored fit that ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your child. Available in multiple sizes, you can easily find the perfect fit for your little one, allowing them to focus on their training without any distractions.

Whether your child is a beginner or already competing, the FLUORY BJJ GI KIDS MONKEY PINK provides the necessary advantages on the mat, giving them a competitive edge. It’s not only a functional gi but also a stylish one that your child will love to wear.

Invest in the FLUORY BJJ GI KIDS MONKEY PINK and watch your child’s skills flourish on the mat. Designed with passion and made to exceed expectations, this gi is perfect for any young BJJ enthusiast who wants to fly high and embrace their playful side. Grab one today and elevate your child’s BJJ journey like never before!

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